Peace, Love, Liberty

Produced in conjunction with The Atlas Network and edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, this book shows that libertarianism is the philosophy of peace and how our ideas are making the world a safer place. These books are an invaluable resource for recruiting new members into your group and spreading the message of peace and freedom. Drawing on the disciplines of history, philosophy, poetry, literature, and psychology, Peace, Love, Liberty shows that peace is possible and how we can achieve it.

„The old lie—that sweet and proper it is to die for your country—receives here a decisive answer. It is not sweet and proper to bomb children in Iraq, nor to die from a roadside bomb planted by their fathers, nor to advocate war as cleansing, ennobling, or invigorating. The anti-liberals from Joseph de Maistre to David Brooks who have argued otherwise are here revealed as, simply, warmongers. Tom Palmer’s brilliant editing and writing makes an overwhelming case for ironmongers, fishmongers, and all the other dealers in peaceful exchange, without cudgels or drafts or blood gargling from froth-corrupted lungs.”

Deirdre N. McCloskey


“This is an important book that successfully connects the ideal of peace to very practical and well-grounded ideas about how to achieve and maintain it. Peace, Love, & Liberty should be read by everyone, regardless of political view, who wishes to avoid war.”

David Boaz


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